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Golden mobs Health has been significant reduced. This should help newest players, and seasoned players to hunt and kill them.

Increased Drop rate over server. Increase time of zen and item drops on ground

Condor Flame now drops on maps

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Published by Administrator, March 4, 2021

This update brings a ton of changes to the game as well as bug fixes. This is our first major update to address many issues. Thanks for playing!

If your launcher will not auto update please download these files and overwrite the old ones in your c

Published by Administrator, January 29, 2021

Please head over to this link to download the new client. This client includes updated files.

We have added a new launcher. Use this to download updates.


Published by Administrator, January 26, 2021

Greetings players! I wanted to address many questions that I have been getting and let you all know whats in store for the future of the server. Thanks for testing this server and providing feedback.I will start this off by saying that none of these

Published by Fantasmagore, January 22, 2021
Published by Administrator, January 16, 2021